Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital

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Meet The Team


Our History

In 2015 the practice was purchased by Dr. Richard Hill. Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital maintains three experienced doctors treating small animals. Our team consists of Certified Veterinary Technicians, Technician Assistants, Kennel Assistants and Client Care Representatives. The team is dedicated to working together to provide the best quality care for your pets. 

Over the many years Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital has been apart of the community, we have grown to have many long-lasting relationships with clients and give thanks to those who have entrusted us with their pet’s care.





Dr. Hill purchased Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital February of 2015. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at Washington State University and graduated from University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. He enjoys being outdoors and traveling with his family.  




I grew up in southern California where I spent ten years working at veterinary clinics as a technician before starting the veterinary program at Oregon State University, graduating in 2006. During my time at OSU, I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and decided to stay. I have worked in emergency clinics, private practice, and at VCA. One of my passions is to establish and maintain a connection with my clients to help them strengthen their human-animal bonds with their beloved fur babies. I also have an avid interest in dermatology, surgery, and internal medicine.

I am known for my love of all creatures but especially black cats. I have three of my own plus a fourth tabby cat. I also have one Border Collie and Pointer mix.

Being a veterinarian was my life’s ambition and is the only career I have ever wanted.



Lori - Hospital Manager/CVT

Lori has been in the veterinary industry since becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician in 1984. She started her career in emergency medicine in California and was at the same clinic for 18+ years. When she moved to Oregon in 2002, she dabbled in equine medicine for about a year, but very quickly realized that her true passion was in small animal. She went back into general practice and has been doing that ever since. She worked at VCA and retired, only to find herself missing what she did and ultimately accepted a position at Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital in April 2021. She has held either a lead or a manager position for most of her career. Although she is the Hospital Manager, she fortunately gets to wear her CVT hat from time to time in her daily duties.

She has one dog, a Puggle named Ned, and a Maine Coon cat, named Cash. When she is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family which includes several grandchildren. She also loves camping, fishing, boating, all crafts, including knitting, crocheting, and sewing but she especially loves going on road trips, or spending time at the Oregon Coast with her husband where she hopes to officially retire.


Certified Veterinary Technicians

Tanya's dogs

Tanya - CVT

Tanya became a CVT in 1999. She likes working out in her yard, fishing, glamping (camping), home improvement projects, reading, stained glass art, learning new things, and spending time snuggling with her fur babies.


Technician Assistants



Megan - Veterinary Assistant/Customer Care Representative

Megan started her career in Arizona as a Customer Service Representative and moved back home to Oregon to continue her growth in the industry. Aspiring to one day become a Credentialed Veterinary Technician, Megan has been cross trained here at SVH as both a Veterinary Assistant and Customer Service Representative. This has given her the amazing opportunity of working closely with both the clients and the patients. She has now come to develop a passion and heartfelt appreciation for the General Practice aspect of the industry as this allows her to experience all aspects of small animal life; from puppies and kittens to our beloved senior pets.

Outside of work, Megan loves being adventurous, creating lasting memories by exploring new places, enjoying new experiences, and particularly loves spending time at the Oregon Coast.

Tessa Veterinary Assistant

Tessa - Veterinary Assistant

Tessa has been with Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital as a Veterinary Assistant since August 2019. She loves to learn and accomplish new tasks. Tessa enjoys the outdoors and loves to travel. In her free time, Tessa reads, explores new places, and loves to hang out with her husband and dog Marshall.


Lexi - Veterinary Assistant 

Hi there! My name is Lexi, and I am a Veterinary Assistant here at Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital. On days that I am not working I usually like to go on long walks with my dogs, hang out with my family, or play board games with my friends. I’m a new member of the team as of February of this year and I couldn’t be more excited to help the rest of our wonderful staff treat your furry companions. I’ve always had an interest in veterinary medicine and how much it helps with keeping our pets healthy and happy. I look forward to meeting you!

Rachel and family

Rachel - Veterinary Assistant 

Rachel has been with Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital as a Veterinary Assistant since February of 2021 but has been in the industry since 2018. She has been interested in the veterinary field her whole life and loves learning new things about the industry. Rachel enjoys spending time with her family and her 4 dogs. In her free time Rachel loves going paddle boarding with her fiancé and her pups, spending time outside, watching football and hockey. Go Bills!

Derek Veterinary Assistant

Derek - Veterinary Assistant

Derek initially joined our team on a relief basis in May 2021, but decided to come on full time as of January 2022. He has over 20+ years in the veterinary industry in a wide variety of roles and services such as General Practice, Integrative Medicine, Oncology, Practice Management, Specialty Surgery, Emergency, and Cardiology, including leading two clinical trials for cardiac medications we commonly use in the industry today, and has also led and volunteered at various veterinary blood banks in both the greater PDX and Salem metro areas. He has also had the amazing opportunity to delve into a touch of Marine Biology, working with animals such as Sea Otters and Harbor Seals at the Oregon Coast, as well as a little large feline medicine working with Servals, Cougars, and a White Bengal Tiger at private rehab/rescue facilities in the south Clackamas County areas.

In his spare time, Derek enjoys the great outdoors - camping, hiking, sightseeing. He also enjoys a good movie (popcorn is a must), board games, listening to music, and spending time with his kids. 

Brian - Veterinary Assistant

Brian - Veterinary Assistant

Native to Oregon, I have been practicing veterinary nursing for over 20 years.  That’s now over 1/2 my life.  I love what I do and am an avid advocate for my patients comfort and care.  Some of my other favorite activities include food creation and gardening.  

Client Care Representatives



Animals have always been a part of her life, an extension of family. Growing up on a farm She experienced early on, the strong connection we have with our pet family and the enhancements they make in our daily lives. She has 20 years of experience in the industry, with the majority of that time spent here in our community. She's excited to be apart of Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital and looks forward to reconnecting with clients and making new connections. She has keen interest in animal nutrition and the key role it plays in preventative health. When not working you can find her busy on an art project, gardening, camping with her husband or hanging at the barn getting ready for her next adventure with the horses.

Wade Hospital Custodian/Maintenance

Wade - Hospital Custodian/Maintenance

I enjoy being around animals especially cats! I have two cats that loves to hang out with me after work!  In my free time, I love to fish and to go to my special place (Wallowa County) every fall.