Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital

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L. Steinke “Stryker”

Strykr Kitty and I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you all for your excellent care and service to our Thyroid situation. From the time we followed Dr. Sherman to your facility we felt that we found the right place for our needs. It has been a great partnership with Sunnyside Vet!
6 weeks ago we came in because I was worried about how much Strykr meowed 24/7 for the past 9 months.  So we got the blood work and news that we needed to do immediate Thyroid treatment.  So we did until today.  With our team at Sunnyside Vet and at home we completed 5 weeks of 2 treatments a day every 12 hours we got her numbers to normal! 
We are now on Hills Science Diet for Thyroid conditions, and she loves the wet and dry food mixes. 
What a great day for all of us.  I was glad to call the hospital manager today and tell her how much I appreciate her and her professional team players.  I know it is not easy being in the Health Care industry for animals.  They are the messengers of both good and bad news.
Today (7/7/23), we are grateful for Strykr’s GOOD NEWS.

Elton K. Sampson – “Elton” The staff and vets (we typically see Dr. Tinsley) are always very kind and knowledgeable. Prices everywhere have gone up but I still feel like they are fair compared to other clinics. It’s usually not difficult to get an appointment which is nice.
Destin Reinstein “ Destin” – The clinic is so comfortable and inviting, and I’m so pleased with how well they take care of my cat – and me!
Finn S. Delozier “Finn” – We have always been treated well by all the staff. They really care!
Jack J. Mason-Steinberg “Jack” – We love Sunnyside Vet so much! We still drive there from our new home in Vancouver. Thanks so much for giving care and comfort to our pups. Your commitment to pet health and wellness is evident. Keep it up!
Sox G. O’Toole “Sox” - My experiences with SVH have all been positive. They seem professional and courteous. I also like that they are organized and there is minimal waiting to get your animal into their appointment.
Etta B. Smith “Etta” – We trust Dr. Hill with our three girls so much! He is always so easy to work with, and patient with our needs. Highly recommend!!
Jack H, Warnick “Jack” – I have had a wonderful experience every time we have been in. Jack is always well taken care of and I fee confident when I bring him in for care.
Pal K. Hartman “Pal” – I love talking with Dr. Hill! He is thorough and informative and he always takes the easier practical approach first in trying to solve a problem.
Gunga Din Din M. Riley “Gunga Din Din” – Best per care crew as far as I’m concerned. Cat needed surgery, we were told what to expect and what to do post-surgery. Very care and careful staff.
Chimi C. Delano “Chimi” – Dr. Hill is a great vet and we appreciate and trust his guidance in the health of our elderly pup. I can’t imagine taking her to anyone else. Thanks for all you do!
Kiki J. Gwirtz “Kiki” – Its calm and quiet and clearly the veterinarians love animals. The experience has so far been 100% positive. When we had to leave, Kiki actually walked up and gave Dr. Hill a goodbye wiggle.
Iggy L. Chase “Iggy” – Dr. Hill is wonderful! He always give me time to talk and ask additional questions, I feel heard.
Pawsha J. Donohue “Pawsha” – The nurse (Megan) and the doctor (Dr. Tinsley) that helped me were both extremely kind, and I instantly felt at ease that they would take good care of my kitty. The doctor owned cats herself and had so many great tips and tricks to share with me about raising my cat. The facility feels very clean and warm and I will definitely be back!
Lacy A. Whiting “Lacy” – The staff and vet are caring, prompt and go above and beyond for our family. This isn’t the kind of clinic that makes you do unnecessary tests, they are very practical and reasonable in their approach. My elderly dog has lots of issues but they get her in quickly when she has flare ups and treat her with a ton of care. The vet comes in and even gets on the floor with my dog to make her feel comfortable and the experience is great for all of us! Definitely recommend this place to my friends, family and neighbors.
Annie (MR) R. Koon “Annie” – I was so happy with Dr. Hill and the way he took care of Annie and answered all my questions. We found our forever vet!
Lulu (MS) B. Chilton “Lulu” – Best visit to a veterinarian my little girl has had in the two years of life! I love the interaction between all of the staff and my girl. Her last veterinary office was all business and not much fun, positive interaction between staff and pup. She left feeling anxious and not wanting to leave. This visit was fun and staff interaction made her happy and put her at ease. . . in turn putting me at ease. Thank you Dr. Tinsley and staff for all of your positive interactions! My Corgi Lulu loves all of you!
Pebbles A. DiAddezio “Pebbles” (F) –I had gone through 2 or 3 vets in 6 years and all of them had severely disappointed me with how they would speak to owners and how they would handle an already stressed out pet. When I found Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Hill, and the staff here, I was so relieved! Both of my cats hate going to the vet but I noticed a huge difference in their demeanor going here versus the previous vets. The techs are always so kind and compassionate toward the animals no matter how instinctive the animals may get to lash out and Dr. Hill really listens to the owners and does his best to fully explain scenarios and all available options. My cats and I will be very sad to move and lose this vet hospital, but I am very grateful for the restoration of faith I received towards vets for the future! There are really good ones out there, like this staff!
Panda C. Wiebe “Panda” (F)– Sunnyside Vet Hospital is friendly, immaculate, efficient. They are caring, kind, and informative. I’m extremely pleased to have found SVH for my dog!

Jet Hill

N. Hill “Jet”

Called on Saturday because my dog was not able to stand. So happy there are Saturday hours. Was able to make an appointment, receiving helpful info before I could get in. Came in and was given several options after initial evaluation, one which was blood tests. Received a call on Monday with those results and explanation/suggestions on next steps. Terrific communication and follow-up! Thank you.